Logbook Car Service in Geelong

Did you know you don't need to have your new car serviced by your dealer to maintain statutory warranty.

Our servicing will NOT void your warranty

Your dealer most likely didn't mention that your new car does not need to be serviced by them to maintain statutory warranty.

Here are the facts about your new car's statutory warranty:

  • Our service will NOT void your statutory warranty
  • We strictly follow all the procedures recommended by your vehicles manufacturer
  • We only use high quality service parts
  • Its your car and you DO have a choice
  • We will give your vehicle handbook the stamp of approval.

When your service is finished, we will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance. This can be very important when it comes to getting a higher resale value for your vehicle.

We are are professional and highly experienced in vehicle maintenance so you can be confident your vehicle won't let you down.

We'll do your Manufacturer's Handbook Service and you'll pay less - why not gives us a try?

You can call us on 5222 7411 or on our Website Booking Form

Why pay inflated prices for servicing your vehicle! We can save you money on:

  • Holden Service
  • Ford Service
  • Mazda Service
  • MG Service
  • Volvo Service
  • Mitsubishi Service
  • Fiat Service
  • Lexus Service
  • Jeep Service
  • Subaru Service
  • Nissan Service
  • Hyundai Service
  • Kia Service
  • Audi Service
  • Citroen Service
  • Mercedes Service
  • Jaguar Service
  • BMW Service
  • Honda Service
  • VW Service
  • Volkswagon Service
  • Toyota Service
  • Peugeot Service
  • Daewoo Service
  • Commodore Service
  • Isuzu Service
  • SAAB Service
  • Suzuki Service
  • Landrover Service
  • 4WD Service
  • Daihatsu Service
  • Datsun Service
  • SSANGYONG Service
  • Range Rover Service