Brakes - Parts, Repairs and Servicing

Is your car suffering brake judder, excessive brake dust or uneven brake pad wear?

Check the list of symptoms and possible causes below:

  • VIBRATION: In either steering wheel, brake pedal or even the entire vehicle can be caused by the disc rotor surface being scored, loose brake components or faulty steering components.
  • HARD OR LOW (SOFT) BRAKE PEDAL: Possible causes are restricted brake lines, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, or even damaged brake linings. Soft brake pedal indicates adjustment required or more serious problems.
  • GRAB: Low foot pressure causing brakes to grab is a sign of contamination of the braking surface or a component getting ready to fail - usually in an extreme braking situation.
  • PULL OR DRAG: if your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, possible causes are low tyre pressure, frozen callipers or brake adjustment required. Drag is caused by your brakes failing to release, which leads to poor economy and eventually brake failure.
  • SQUEAK OR SQUEAL: some noise is expected however excessive squealing, grinding or chatter requires attention. Correct fitment procedure by experienced brake technicians is paramount in eliminating these noises.

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Extensive Range of Vehicles Covered

No matter what type of car you drive from a 1950s classic to the latest and greatest we are sure to have all your vehicles braking requirements.

From Disc Brake Rotors & Brake Pads, Brake Drums and Brake Shoes and even Brake Fluid. We have the market covered with the largest range available in Australia.

RDA Disc Brake Pads offer a highly sought after combination of value for money and excellent operating performance. Released onto the Australian market in early 2004, the RDA brand of economy brake pads is a result of exhaustive testing throughout Australia under many and varied operating conditions. RDA Disc Brake Pads deliver improved safety with enhanced braking performance for a wide range of road going vehicles.

EBC Brakes, Europe's leading Independent friction Material manufacturer brings you an exciting range of premium quality Aramid Fibre based Brake Pads. Ranging from the Non Asbestos Organic (NAO) Ultimax pad formulated to the World's highest standard ECE Reg 90, through to the triple award wining Greenstuff Roadsport upgrade pads (also ECE Reg 90 approved), and the 6000 series Heavy Duty 4x4 pad, to the revolutionary New Redstuff Ceramic.

For Track use EBC gives you the latest in the Yellow stuff 1793 compound and the endurance Bluestuff.

All EBC pads and rotors are ECE Reg90 compliant and/or ABE certified to comply with European Legislation.

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